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Anna Greenfield


Anna is the zookeeper (editor) of  She may not catch all the spellling mistakes all the time, but she tries to prevent writers from saying things that could get them sued or thrown in prison… Anna is a bit of a culture vulture who stalks famous South African artists, musicians and actors, to bring you entertainment and lifestyle news, and interesting interviews.  Apart from that, all you need to know is that she doesn’t like pickles or raisins, and sometimes refers to herself in the third person. (Anna wrote this biography)



Maanvrou is al meer as drie dekades lank met die maan gepla en poog dan om die slapeloosheid met die pen te beveg. Sy skryf oor lewe, liefde, en ander natuurrampe.



Woorde word wakker en dan moet ek hulle pen.  Na twee BA grade en ‘n ruk se vryskut, word die dringendheid van my eie woordepad vooropgestel.  Ek wil grensloos en naïve die terrein betree en net plek- plek voel en vat en dan daar lê.

Cathy de Lange


My blogs is nie noodwendig diep, grondverskuiwende stukke of poëtiese pêrels nie, maar gaan eerder oor dinge wat my laat lag, rustig maak, moerig maak, bekommer, laat wonder oor flippen als, of sommer net my hart bly of seer maak. Ek is verslaaf aan pienk, my kinders, die winter, kan nie verby ‘n mooi paar oorbelle loop nie, en my man dink ek het te veel skoene. Hy is reg.

Marilet Kotze



I am Marilet Kotzé. As an experienced Sexologist and Relationship Therapist, Speaker, Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Educator, I’ve established a reputation for helping people build and maintain healthy relationships.

Our relationships shape who we are, how we communicate and how we feel. Healthy sexual relationships have a far-reaching impact well beyond the bedroom – they empower individuals to be confident, happy and fulfilled.

I adopt a holistic approach in consultations with clients.  I seek to identify and assess all the factors that affect sexual well-being and focus on the whole individual.

When I was younger, I certainly never thought that I would work as a sexologist. Like so many other counsellors or therapists, I work in the field that I first turned to for myself.  I attended a presentation by a renowned sexologist and mentor, and it sparked my interest in the field. With a passion for learning I followed up my B.A. Hons. (Psychology) with a B.S course in Human sexuality.

I don’t see you as a client with a ‘disorder’ or a ‘dysfunction’.  You are not broken and in need of fixing – you are here to flourish. I am passionate about providing sustainable ways to resolve sexual issues. I am comfortable with all aspects of sexuality, and love to create a sex positive space welcoming people of all genders, physical abilities, sexual orientations and relationship models.

Colleagues and associates will tell you that I thrive on sharing my expert knowledge, easy to talk too, results driven and that I derive no greater joy than seeing my clients leaving with hope.

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