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Welcome to tjlevva! (Which is pronounced like ‘clever’ but with more attitude)  We provide you with original news on entertainment, lifestyle, and even a little bit of business.

Enjoy cheeky articles, cool videos and podcasts, and all round tjlevva-ness in real English and Afrikaans (By ‘real’ we mean the way people talk. So sometimes the languages mix, and from time to time we swear. We’re sorry if that pisses you off.)

Occasionally we also allow one or two frustrated creative geniuses (struggling with day jobs, mortgages,  hair loss, and other first world problems) to share their unique opinions on matters of great (and little) importance with the world.

Have a browse, drop a comment, and share with all your friends (The seven that braai with you and actually remember your birthday, and the 700 that you stalk on social media)

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