A little bit of Portia on the go…

She’s a model, radio presenter, talent agent and all round beaut. Portia Moemedi seems to have it all. We saw her as a SARIE face of the year finalist in  2015 and in 2016 she joined the SABC 2 team as co-presenter of the docu-reality travel series Authentiek. Glitz and glamour aside, we got to know her a bit better…

Her biography is impressive. She’s a model, radio presenter and all round beaut. Portia Moemedi seems to have it all. She has been modelling since 2011. Her smiling face has covered many photo shoots and publications. We saw her as a SARIE face of the year finalist in  2015 and in 2016 she joined the SABC 2 team as co-presenter of the docu-reality travel series Authentiek.

Now Johannesburg based, this energetic lady still considers Cape Town her home.  Somewhere in her busy schedule we managed to get a few quick questions answered.

Growing up, what did you want to be?

I went from wanting to be a singer/songwriter to a doctor, to wanting to be a president, to wanting to be a Biokineticist… and that was all between the age of 9 and 18.

Her diverse talents and interests were evident even as a child! Portia is starting her BA Communication Sciences in July, a fitting degree for this go-getter.

I’m very excited to start this new journey!

Studies aside, there are a few less academic things we wanted to learn about Portia…

Where is your favorite holiday destination?

Swakopmund is still my favourite place to go.

What keeps you going?

Prayer and my super amazing mommy.  Her sacrifices are the reason I am where I am today. Scrubbing other people’s houses is not nice for anyone, but she did it to get me where I am today. She keeps me going. What she deserves and what I can afford are unfortunately two different things, but I’m working very hard on that.

Tell us about your co-presenter Mathys Roets

portia and mathys.jpg

MATHYS!! What a champ! Since I have worked with him he has never been the negative type. He has strength like a lion and grace like an elephant. His view on life is inspiring for every single living person! Him being in a wheelchair is a tragedy but I honestly think he would be the same inspiring person outside the chair. His spirit is what lifts me, he has influenced me in such a way that I look at life differently. If anything, he is the star of the show and I’m just super privileged to share in that.

Would you ever consider working and living overseas?

If the opportunity presents itself I would not say no.

What is on your bucket list?

All I want to do is to travel! That’s my number one goal! Even if it is just two countries,  I’ll be a happy chappy! I think since I started the show I have ticked off 90% of my bucket list and now I have to think of new things.

Have you ever entered Miss SA?

I was scouted by Adrian Skelly a few years ago. Did the whole process of entering and he was coaching me.  Sending me questions and so forth. But the day of the look-see by the judges I didn’t pitch up. I think the idea of doing it sounded great but to be honest I was doing to for the wrong reason. I was doing it only because I was scouted and not because I want to be an ambassador for our country.

Tell us about a charity organization you support.

It is called Ndzuti. It is an organization that educates children on rape (especially the boy child). Instead of teaching the girl child how to avoid being raped, we encourage the boy child not to rape and educate them on sex.

Are looks a must in your world as model/presenter/actress?

 I think in a perfect world I’d say no looks don’t matter… But the truth of the matter is — they do. I have seen people on set with no acting talent with no presenting talent but they have the job. I see people get hired for jobs for having a huge following (usually the beautiful people have huge following). I must say though, I think it’s changing because clients and directors are becoming annoyed with the talent on set with no talent, so I think it is busy changing back to normal.

What advice would you give the younger you?

One of the biggest mistakes we make as people is looking at other people’s journey and wishing we were on their journey, especially in our 20s. You will drive yourself crazy if you are comparing your journey with that of someone else.  Getting a degree or being successful is not a race, but a great journey. Just be on your own journey and things will happen when they are meant to, just keep trying and working hard!

How are you keeping yourself busy when your show is off air?

Whilst it was off air we were shooting the next episodes. So I was working. When it comes back on I’ll be done shooting. Then I’ll be studying really hard again and taking on little jobs. Maybe go back to radio (because it doesn’t take as much time ). Actually,  I don’t know. I’m just keen to go back studying. My mom said she thinks I’m going to be one of those people who never stop studying, and I agree. I’m going to be 50 and working on my 10th degree.

As model and TV presenter Portia looks every bit the part.  She does not spend much time in the gym, in fact, this year she does not even have a gym membership.  Portia is however very active and  runs for exercise.  She is also excited about netball season starting soon.

Energetic is my middle name.


Author: AnnetteH

I am a coffee shop owner, MC, guest speaker and radio host with a love for people, their lives and their conversations. Most days I'm happy, some days not. I feel fat, go to gym, feel better, get lazy and skip a few sessions, then I do it all over again. As a working title holder of two beauty pageants I do charity work and fundraisers for a few organisations under an NPO umbrella. I write about what I see, hear, feel and experience. Generally - life as it happens.

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