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Calling all artists! Vukallective would like to get into bed with you…

Source: Vukallective

Since it’s a completely made up word, let’s just start with the name: VUKA  is Zulu for “arise” or “wake up” and LLECTIVE  is literally “collective” without the “co”. So other than the obvious “waking up together”, what does that get you?

The Vukallective is a group of forward-thinking-boundary-pushing-toe-stepping artists. Together we aim to promote the arts in South Africa (specifically SA, but not limited to SA) by providing high quality work. So whether you need a promo video for your event, costumes for your production, or a personal photo shoot with your cat— We’ve got your back!


The four friends Mark Antony Dobson, Michelle Kim Hoffman, Michael Garbett and Erick Strydom have worked together on various collaborative theatre projects throughout their undergraduate studies at KOVSIES. However, the Vukallective was only formally established in 2014, after they all graduated (more or less). The business was born out of the trivial need to make money, and the more pressing need to make art.

Today the collective creates collaborative work across various arts disciplines in Bloemfontein. Yes, Bloemfontein. Not exactly the hub of culture and artistic expression, which is why their efforts are even more commendable.

Using our resources of excessive smiling and wifi “borrowing” our motto “Creativity through Diversity” came into being. We pushed ourselves out of the old-timey theatre mould and did some strange shit our community rarely gets exposed to…Theatre, dance, technical, and aesthetics are our bitch.


That last sentence might be a bit of an understatement. When you first visit their website, the stark black and white  photographs of hipster models, juxtaposed with pops of colour and floating triangles, may make you think you’ve stumbled onto an expensive fashion shoot for a massive global company like H&M or ZARA.


Source: Vukallective

 However, as they mentioned, the operation which keeps Vukallective alive is considerably more humble. A lack of resources and cold hard cash simply emphasizes how impressive and versatile these artists are because they still do excellent and surprising work.  Writing, editing, marketing, performing, their core team of four does everything together.


Source: Vukallective

However, there is always room in their creative king size bed for a few other artists.

Our mission is collaboration with different artists and industry professionals on various projects. The end goal is world domination, but we will settle for a dominant presence in the theatre and marketing industry.


So if you’re keen for world domination and a “jou kombers en my matras, en daar lê die ding” kind of vibe, you can get together with Vukallective to make some art… They will be keen to talk to you, even if you are living outside the magical kingdom of Bloemfontein.

Drop us a mail at or book an appointment with us on our website. Currently we are working on creating marketing material for Underground Dance Theatre which is based in Cape Town. In today’s world nothing can’t be handled on either Whatsapp, Skype or email. Collaboration is becoming so much easier.


To give you a sneak peak of what to look forward to, here’s what the Vukallective are currently busy with…



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