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Who creates your reality?

We all have dreams, goals, a bucket list and hopes. Sadly, achieving them is something most will never reach. Life happens, all the time, every day. We face challenges and soon lose focus in the struggle to survive. For many simply making it through another day takes priority. Dreams become just that — dreams.

If only there was a way to change this life we seem to be destined to live. Something we can do differently to take us one step closer to not only living life better, but also getting to that bucket list. In a world where there is more month than money, draught and endless problems, we become the product of what is going on around us. Stressed, angry, worried and depressed.

International motivational speaker Robin Banks proclaims exactly this — there is a sure way to create your life, change the course it’s taking and ensure the new course is one of success and achievement. We can live the life we truly want to, be happy,  be loved and exist without suffering.

I joined a large crowd at the River Club in Mowbray earlier this week. We were all there for the same reason: looking for the tools to change our lives. End the suffering. The energy was evident, even before Robin Banks stepped out to talk to the people in the long que. The turnout was bigger than expected and space quickly became a problem. The way Banks handled the logistical hiccup, proved he is a man who practices what he preaches. The problem did not unsettle him. Not even a table breaking deserved the attention of  stressing him out.

Robin teaches Mind Power: training your mind and mastering your concentration. Through disciplined daily application of his principles, Robin equips people to take control of, and change, their lives. It all starts with a thought, resulting in words, resulting in an action. Thoughts are real forces, they create reality. How we think, act and react is what we attract. Deliberately changing what we feed our brains will bring about just that.

“What are you after? What is it that you want?”

Be specific. Know what you want, feed your brain to what you want to attract. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Simple yes, but it takes discipline, deliberate positive thoughts and doing so on a daily basis. It is not about what happens to you but rather about how you respond to what happens to you. Bad things can happen, even to good people. How we choose the react to them is what makes the difference in what we attract. Don’t let a bad reaction direct the course of your day.

Robin Banks is vibrant, dynamic and energetic. His presentation did not not disappoint. Funny, powerful and very inspiring. He spoke from experience, sharing his own journey along with the testimonials of others. He had the crowd on their feet, interacting and even singing. The positive vibrations were so evident in the room, it was difficult not the see the possibilities of his teachings

It all starts with a thought. What you are thinking about is what you will bring about. Come on, what do you have to lose?

Positive greetings

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I am a coffee shop owner, MC, guest speaker and radio host with a love for people, their lives and their conversations. Most days I'm happy, some days not. I feel fat, go to gym, feel better, get lazy and skip a few sessions, then I do it all over again. As a working title holder of two beauty pageants I do charity work and fundraisers for a few organisations under an NPO umbrella. I write about what I see, hear, feel and experience. Generally - life as it happens.

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  1. Awesome, Annette!! Pity I didn’t see you there! And yes, discipline is key!


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