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What’s in a soulmate?

Source: Juliana Coutinho

Ok, so usually when someone uses the term “soulmate”, you immediately think of it as having something to do with romantic love, right? You know, the classic tale of two souls meeting and falling in love because they completely get one another. I was lucky enough to meet my romantic soulmate early on in my life — my husband and I are the heroes of a high school love story. The sequel includes a happy home with three beautiful little girls. However, these past couple of months I discovered another kind of soulmate.

You see, I believe that finding a soulmate is NOT just a romantic occurrence. I also don’t believe that you can have only one. Through a crazy series of events in the past 60 or so days, I met an extraordinary woman. Nothing weird about that, we meet new people daily. What baffled me about meeting this human being was the fact that the moment we started talking about stuff — and by stuff I mean literally any random topic you could come up with — we simply…clicked. It was like she understood my very being. We started talking about our everyday lives, our children, jobs, things we like and dislike. And in every single one of these topics we found common ground. This (in my life at least) doesn’t happen often!

It’s a very surreal feeling when you can instantly connect with someone on a level you don’t just do with anybody, and certainly not on a daily basis. Kindred spirits they are often called. In a world where we are, more often than not, surrounded by a culture of being judgmental towards people before even knowing their real story, finding someone who immediately accepted me for who I am, was to say the least, refreshing.

I find that especially (and unfortunately) amongst women there is such a huge culture of judging each other. Even though we are supposed to support and encourage one another, we end up bringing other women down and comparing ourselves with one another. If only we could let all that crap go and really stand together as women… We would be a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure!

But back to the question… what’s in a soulmate? Well, today I can say with great certainty that it is not always what you would expect, it most definitely does not always happen when you would expect it to and is sure as hell is not restricted to having only one. I should know. I have two 😉

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