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Bluebird Garage Market comedy a roaring success!

Early (blue)birds waiting for the show to start. Source: Comedy at the Market

Props to Comedy at the Market for making an unforgettable night of their first event at Bluebird Garage Market in Muizenberg on Saturday. The venue was cosy, the wine was flowing, the sound was good, and most importantly, all the acts were actually funny!


Dalin Oliver warming up the crowd. Source: Comedy at the Market.

Dalin Oliver played host for the evening. With the exception of one pissed off old guy (who was probably just moeilik because his back was sore from sitting upright at the market since it was built) Dalin’s laid back chats with the audience warmed everyone up and made them comfortable.  Yaaseen Barnes told a series of explosively funny muslim jokes, which would have been really racist if anyone else had told them. Open mic act Lindy Johnson,  held her own between the more experienced guys, with her  saucy single girl jokes.


Rob van Vuuren with the crowd in his hand. Source: Comedy at the Market.

The headline act for the evening was Rob van Vuuren  and by the time he left the stage I was crying (from laughing, not from the copious amounts of gin available at the very well stocked bar). His animated storytelling style and fresh way of looking at the seemingly mundane world around him, delighted the entire audience.  About a third of  his jokes were about poo…Yes, you read that right the first time. Normally these kinds of jokes only appeal to six year-olds (and to me because I’m immature), but you know what? For some cosmic reason (I like to think it’s talent) when Rob van Vuuren told them they were awesome! Even the old guy, who had been ripped off by all of the comedians by this time, loved them.


Yaseen Barnes (Awkward thinking man), Paul Cowan (Blushin organiser), Lindy Johnson (the only photogenic one), Rob van Vuuren (Crazy white man), and Dalin Oliver (Skinny Vin Diesel). Source: Comedy at the Market.

Looking forward to the next show at the end of May. Visit the Comedy at the Market website for details and bookings.



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