Heaps of practical ways to use up your coconut oil… Because it has been gathering dust in your cupboard since you realized you suck at Banting and will always love bread

In an attempt to minimise waste, and possibly also save a bit of money, we’ve compiled a list of useful things to do with your leftover coconut oil, besides using it in cooking.

When you enthusiastically tried Banting back in 2013, you bought a whole lot of strange ingredients from health shops which cost you way too much money. After about a month of monogamy you cheated and eventually picked up your on-off-on again relationship with bread. Last week you tidied the kitchen cupboard and found the xylitol, almond flour, and about 12 litres of coconut oil (because unlike everything else it was on special) still chilling out there at the back— next to a dead cockroach and a Fizzer from 1996.

Go back to your cupboard. Have a belated funeral for the cockroach and donate the xylitol and almond flour to your carb-conscious friends, but leave the Fizzer there for a rainy day. Now, get out your 7 years’ supply of coconut oil and start putting it to practical (non food related) use…

Coconut oil soothes and repairs  irritated/wounded skin


You can use coconut oil to treat mosquito bites or sunburnt skin by just rubbing it on the irritated/burnt area for relief.  Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and is an excellent natural cream for to treating cuts.  Breastfeeding mom’s can also apply it to their nipples to relieve pain, and to their stretch marks to reduce their appearance over time, as coconut oil promotes collagen production to repair skin cells.

Coconut oil is a versatile beauty product


Applying coconut oil to any area of dry skin will moisturize and hydrate the area.  A thin layer of coconut oil, applied as a night cream can reduce blemishes and old age marks and can improve the appearance of wrinkles (that’s what Dr. Oz says anyway, though I’m pretty his skin is harvested from a young boy every two years and planted onto his face). Coconut oil is also believed to improve the growth of one’s eyelashes, and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes,  which are bonuses because it makes for excellent eye makeup remover.

If you are looking for a great exfoliant, and couldn’t persuade anyone to take over your excess supply of xylitol, add two tablespoons of the fake sugar to half a cup of coconut oil, rub on your face, and Bob’s your uncle.

As an alternative to store bought items, coconut oil can replace deodorant, shaving cream and lip balm. You can even let a teaspoon of it melt in your mouth to freshen your breath. Aren’t you glad you bought so much of it now!


Coconut oil is liquid gold for hair


A little coconut oil added to shampoo will nourish and moisturize hair. Applied to wet hair and rinsed out like conditioner coconut oil also combats frizz and helps prevent split ends.  Massaging coconut oil into the scalp moisturizes it to reduce the appearance of dandruff

Coconut oil is good for general household stuff


Coconut oil can get gum out of carpets (or hair) and oil based makeup off of beauty brushes. Intuition may tell you that if coconut oil nourishes your skin, it might be equally good on a dead cow’s — yes, it makes excellent leather polish!

If you were to google “uses for coconut oil” the internet could provide you with 100s of suggestions.  However, often suggested uses often require extra ingredients like  weird essential oils, exotically themed bath salts, axil grease or whatever. The suggestions offered HERE try to only use the coconut oil on its own (with the exception of  the exfoliant recipe which requires xylitol. But all failed Banters have that any way). The idea to use up the oil you already have, and not to buy more strange health shop stuff that will gather dust in your cupboard.


Author: Anna Greenfield

Anna is a creative writer with a background in radio and theatre. One day, when she becomes a proper adult, she will direct and produce movies and have a big boat and a little baby with her dashing (and also height appropriate) husband Dean.

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