Sexy food? Sexy Food!

In 60 seconds we teach you how to make Sexy Food’s delicious, healthy bunless burger! To learn more about the benefits of live-culture food, watch the video here!

Sexy Food in the Kloof Wellness Centre is James Kuiper's vision

Photo: Mail & Guardian

James Kuiper’s life changed drastically when he was diagnosed with cancer at age 17. After aggressive chemotherapy broke down his immune system and did little for his illness, James began investigating natural ways to heal his body. Years of research and experimentation with diet alternatives led James to the benefits of live-culture foods, which today form the essence of all the products he sells at his Cape Town based restaurant, Sexy Food.

Through stress, pollution, and eating incorrectly, our bodies are robbed of natural probiotics needed for healthy digestion. James’s live-culture foods, or fermented foods,  put all the “good bacteria” your gut needs for digestion, back into your body.

Together with Monique Lauren Photography and, Tjlevva paid James and his Sexy Food team a visit.  Watch the following video to learn more about James’s unique kind of cooking, and to learn the recipe for the delicious and healthy Sexy Bunless Burger.



Author: Anna Greenfield

Anna is a creative writer with a background in radio and theatre. One day, when she becomes a proper adult, she will direct and produce movies and have a big boat and a little baby with her dashing (and also height appropriate) husband Dean.

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